RECKLESS KELLY – American Jackpot / American Girls

Americana, Country Rock, GuitarRock, May 2020, Southern Rock

Track Listing:
CD 1:
1. North American Jackpot
2. Thinkin‘ ‚Bout You All Night
3. Tom Was a Friend of Mine 4. 42
5. Mona
6. Another New Year’s Day
7. Grandpa Was a Jack Of All Trades
8. Put on Your Brave Face Mary
9. Company of Kings
10. Goodbye Colorado

CD 2:
1. I Only See You With My Eyes Closed
2. American Girls
3. All over again (Breakup Blues) 4. Miss Marissa
5. Lonesome on my own
6. Anyplace that’s Wild
7. Lost Inside the Groove
8. No Dancing in Bristol
9. Don’t Give up on Love
10. My Home is Where Your Heart Is



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